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A Checklist Everyone Needs When Moving Cross Country

Moving houses is no walk in the park. It doesn’t matter if you are moving across the continent or just around the corner; it is stressful. Proper planning has to be done weeks before the moving date. And for that a thorough checklist is essential.

The following checklist, by our friends at Cross Country Movers, will come in handy as you prepare for your cross country move. It has been broken down starting from the first eight weeks for moving isn’t a one day only affair.

Eight weeks to moving day

It is highly recommended that you start planning for your big move as early as you can; 8 weeks earlier if possible. During this period you should:

1. Find the best cross country moving company.
You can get reliable information from online reviews. Friends and relatives can also recommend companies that they might have used before. Compare different price quotes and terms of service before settling
2. Order for storage containers and ensure that they are set to arrive on a particular date. The earlier they arrive, the better for you to be able to kickstart the packing process.You can get free storage boxes from liquor stores and office supplies stores.
3. Start shopping around for a moving insurance that will protect your goods during the move. It is also important that the moving company you choose can guarantee insurance. Carefully read through the contract before signing anything.
4. Start organizing and tracking down your important documents such as passports, car licenses, birth certificates and insurance papers.
5. Enquire about new schools for your kids.

Six weeks to moving day

6. Start packing your belongings. The storage containers should be well labeled to make the unpacking process seamless.
7. Get rid of unwanted items. You can either hold a garage sale or donate to charity.
8. Confirm from your employer how much of the expenses and responsibilities the company will be covering; this only applies if the company is paying for your relocation. Make sure to keep any receipts for reimbursement. If you are paying for the relocation yourself, book an appointment with an accountant to confirm which expenses are tax-deductible.

Four weeks to moving day

9. Start cleaning and repainting your rental. Organize for any damages and leakages to be fixed. This is the only way the landlord will refund your full deposit. Most people easily ignore cleaning out the vents and areas behind the fridge and cooker
10. Make arrangements to have your utilities such as gas, cable, water and electricity turned off or transferred.
11. Find out if your new apartment has any requirements you need to organize for in advance.

Two weeks to moving day

12. Start transferring your bank accounts to your new location.
13. Visit the Post Office for a change of address form.
14. Transfer your monthly subscriptions.
15. Take your car to the garage for service, in preparation for the long move.
16. Have your pet’s vaccines updated.
17. Return borrowed items from friends and relatives.
18. Make a meal plan for two weeks so as to have your fridge empty the night before moving.
19. Make hotel bookings if traveling long distance.

One week to moving day

20. Cancel any ongoing gym and club memberships.
21. Finish loading and correctly loading your storage containers.
22. Return any library books and movies.
23. Organize for a final hang out with friends and relatives.
24. Confirm whether your moving truck might need a parking permit. If so, start making arrangements for that.
25. Dispose of corrosives and inflammable that will pose a hazard during the long move.

1 Day to moving

26. Unplug your freezer. Donate any food leftovers to a homeless shelter or soup kitchen.
27. Take photos of all electronics before packing.
28. Empty the oil from the lawn mowers and drain the water from the washing machines and ice makers.
29. Set up an alarm to wake up early the following morning.
30. Leave a welcome note to the future tenants.
31. Take photos of the house before moving as evidence of the state you left it in.

Moving day

32. Conduct a final house inspection to ensure nothing has been left behind.
33. Tip your movers.
34. Leave an honest review on the moving company.

Sticking to this checklist right from week eight will make your moving process less stressful. Nothing will be left behind. It will create more time for you to get familiar with your new neighborhood.

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