Why Are Car Key Specialists and Locksmiths Cheaper Than Dealerships?

Obtaining a car key replacement from an auto dealer can be much more expensive than getting a replacement from car key specialist or a local car locksmith. Some dealerships charge as high as $200 to replace a transponder key. But why are car key specialists so much cheaper than dealerships? The high prices result from the electronic chip that is used in making the car key, labor expenses, and the shipping cost. The price of the key replacement must cover the marked up price of the transponder chip as well as the salary of the technician making the transponder key. All these costs plus the profit margin is passed to the consumer.

Key Specialists like AZ Car Keys seem to offer a better transponder key replacement option as they have the same equipment with the dealership and can replace the keys with half the price charged by the dealership. All you need to ensure is that the transponder chip inside the key is programmed properly. As compared to dealers, locksmiths and key specialists are also more accessible and provide more quality key replacements. Whether you are looking a key replacement for Toyota or Mercedes-Benz, these key specialists have all it takes to deliver quality work within the least time possible.

Like many other car components, car keys technologies are ever evolving and getting complicated. Most car dealers, nowadays, uses laser cut technologies to cut the keys. These technologies require experienced manpower as well as more expensive tools that increase the price of producing the key. Past keys only feature unique cuts but did not include other security features. But with the current technologies, many more other security features are incorporated in a car key. Although the technological advancements are meant to improve your car’s security, it also means that you have to deep deeper into your pocket if lost your car’s key. However, experienced locksmiths have found a cheaper way of achieving the same results but in a less expensive way.

Although machines produce fine quality transponder keys that cannot be easily achieved by a local locksmith, the locksmith works to ensure the same functionality and can help you save a lot of money. The laser keys are designed in such a way that the car will easily identify it as the right key before starting. The same programming process can be done by the locksmith who has the same machine needed to program the keys. Locksmiths improve their tools on a regular basis to ensure that they can program the latest types of keys available in the market. In fact, as the need for locksmith grows, the number of locksmiths who have the right equipment to produce achieve equipment keys are increasing.

Are Locksmith and Car Key Specialists Legitimate Alternatives?

Although experienced auto locksmiths or car key specialists are available locally, most people tend to call their dealerships for their key replacement. This is because their manual says that their car replacement must be sourced directly from the manufacturer or the dealer directly. However, auto locksmiths have all that it takes to cut and program replacement keys for various modern cars. The major issue of replacing your car keys with a dealer is the price involve as well as the time it takes to make the keys. With locksmith, you can avoid the hassle of traveling to a dealership as well as the high prices involved.

Experienced auto locksmiths have many years of experienced and are the best alternative to the dealers. They understand the right tools and skills to rekey your vehicle as well but at a lesser cost. They even have diagnostic tools that help to test your car’s computer in case you have lost all your keys. All you need to do is to identify the best locksmith available locally and order the keys. Locksmiths are the best in the case of emergency as they can respond to your needs within the least time possible.

Final Verdict:

Although having an extra set of keys can be a good idea, you don’t have to spend a lot of money as that charged by the dealerships. Whether you are looking to back up your car keys or you have misplaced or lost your keys, locksmith offers the most affordable and quality solutions that match that of the dealership. If you are deciding on whether to go for a locksmith or dealership and you want to save money, it is often better to opt for a locksmith. Locksmiths have the same machines and enough skills to replace your car keys.

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